• David Jackson
  • P.O. Box 711
  • Anacortes, WA. 98221

Pacific Rim Services

Damage claims investigation

Claims work often has several interests- owners, underwriters, third parties. Jackson is known as a thorough investigator and careful researcher. He’s easy to work with and knows when to ask for particular outside expertise.

Owner's agent

A boat owner often needs a representative to check on repairs or new construction. Occasionally a repair job does not meet the owner's expectations or requirements. In that case the surveyor's job is to determine the facts while maintaining a neutral, unbiased position.

Expert witness

Presenting credible and knowledgeable information including deposition and preparation for trial to clients in an Admiralty setting since 1991.

Survey Territory

Jackson travels based on the needs and expectations of his clients. Many surveys are conducted in Anacortes at one of the shipyards or marinas and routinely travel is involved throughout the Puget Sound and the Salish Sea. Clients have also sent us to Alaska, Oregon, California, Canada and the Caribbean.